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nature inside and outside

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It´s nature´s world. Inside and outside of our bodies. Our planet is one big ecosystem and so is our body. I am all about understanding and continually educating myself and others about the best ways to live in harmony with ourselves and our planet - because we are a part of it just as it is a part of us. On this site you can find conversations about mental and physical health, the environment, sustainability and more.

To close this off: thank you for being here with me and for wanting to know more.

XX Stella

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The Albedo effect and the climate crisis

What does the albedo effect have to do with climate change? The Albedo effect simply put defines the reflectivity of an object. Lower...

Thank you Steven Donziger

You could find 1oo articles and then a hundred more about the human rights activist who became victim of the United States first...

Climate crisis mathematics

1 + 1 equals 2 You tell that to people – they accept that right? 1 + 5 equals climate crisis – right? And all of a sudden people seem to...

Why I am voting “green”

As we always talk about, individual sustainability is important, being aware is important, taking the bike or train instead of the car is...

"SOIS BLESSED" the concept store in Munich

"Sois Blessed" means “be blessed”. That is the name of the impactful concept store in Munich. What “Sois Blessed” means at this store is...

The story of Vandaya jewellery🐋

Vandaya jewellery is one of my favorite jewellery brands that I have ever come across (truly because I mean it and because I am deeply...

The footprint calculator👣

Maybe you’ve heard of them. With a footprint calculator you are able to calculate your individual footprint. Which means you can...

The heroes of "Animal Rebellion"🍀

In their own words: “Animal Rebellion is a mass movement that uses nonviolent civil disobedience to bring about a transition to a just...

Why won't CEO's grow a conscience?

Let’s look at big corporations and companies. The biggest polluting ones. Or corrupt politicians and governments. Let’s look at their...

The pull of the ocean🌊

Scientists and engineers frequently model inventions and machines after already existing natural systems and animals. They take all kinds...

a short story of man and nature🌻

this is a somewhat different blog format today :) it is a short story that you can interpret into and take from what you want. it can...

Good news with a catch🧐

Plans for LNG-Fracking terminal Wilhelmshaven are stopped! If you have listened to my podcast episode “LNG-terminals, the EU-Mercosur...

Are mental health problems 'normal'?

It seems as though there is a pandemic that is a different one than the one that is occupying our news right now. That is: mental health...

Activism is exhausting

I have recently spoken to a fellow activist, who talked about how he was ‘taking a break from activism’ right now because he was burnt...

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Let's talk about nature, people, health, sustainable businesses and everything in between.
You won't miss out on the occasional politics and interviews with ecopreneurs either.

PS: I want to know what YOU want to know!
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