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It´s nature´s world. Inside and outside of our bodies. Our planet is one big ecosystem and so is our body. I am all about understanding and continually educating myself and others about the best ways to live in harmony with ourselves and our planet - because we are a part of it just as it is a part of us. On this site you can find conversations about mental and physical health, the environment, sustainability and more.

To close this off: thank you for being here with me and for wanting to know more.

XX Stella

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Do yogis shop more sustainably than truckers?

*Disclaimer* I am stereotyping for the sake of making a point. If you look at the “type of people” that buy plastic bottles, litter and really have zero knowledge of what is going on in our environment and don’t feel the need to preserve it at all, these people could, possibly, sometimes be labelled by different factors. Often the ways of consuming and being aware and informed about sustainability are related to different factors like education, income, connection to nature,

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click here for my podcast SageTalking

Let's talk about nature, people, health, sustainable businesses and everything in between.
You won't miss out on the occasional politics and interviews with ecopreneurs either.

PS: I want to know what YOU want to know!
Send in questions or topic requests on IG @thrive_bynature

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