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nature inside and outside

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It´s nature´s world. Inside and outside of our bodies. Our planet is one big ecosystem and so is our body. I am all about understanding and continually educating myself and others about the best ways to live in harmony with ourselves and our planet - because we are a part of it just as it is a part of us. On this site you can find conversations about mental and physical health, the environment, sustainability and more.

To close this off: thank you for being here with me and for wanting to know more.

XX Stella

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🏌🏼‍♂️5 Fitness myths debunked🍎

There are a few “fitness” myths which I think would probably better be described as something like “health-myths”, “digestion-myths”,...

Environmentalism is not just about nature.

It’s not like it wouldn’t be reason enough to protect nature just for the sake of nature, but because our environment affects all areas...

Nationality, identity and affiliation

This doesn't really fit in with my usual topics. Granted, I have had a few “Dear Diary, …” moments that fit in neither of my usual...

A talk with Janice Sommer🌱👠

a model, podcast host, sustainability activist and sustainable business growth strategist. ​ Janice is half German and half Singaporean,...

Feelin yourself…🤸🏼‍♂️

Catchy title? Well, I’m glad that you’re here, but what I want to talk about isn’t exactly like it sounds. I want to address the topic of...

How to identify bullsh**

I know that this title is a little more provocative than previous ones. I usually watch what I say and how I speak. I do not ever use...

⚖Body weight vs health🩺

This is often a touchy, touchy subject. And with these I find that it often helps looking at them in an objective non-emotional way. At...

Adaptation to changes - until unnoticed.

Whenever something changes in the environment or our body, the living organisms that are “within reach” of that change are affected by...


📝We have a lot of news outlets in our world. Everybody is writing and reporting about something. And right now, because there is always...

The hype about the core🧐

First of all, (little intermission) I hope that the concept that I am trying to post after is clear (I'm saying trying, because it...

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click here for my podcast SageTalking

Let's talk about nature, people, health, sustainable businesses and everything in between.
You won't miss out on the occasional politics and interviews with ecopreneurs either.

PS: I want to know what YOU want to know!
Send in questions or topic requests on IG @thrive_bynature

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