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nature inside and outside

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It´s nature´s world. Inside and outside of our bodies. Our planet is one big ecosystem and so is our body. I am all about understanding and continually educating myself and others about the best ways to live in harmony with ourselves and our planet - because we are a part of it just as it is a part of us. On this site you can find conversations about mental and physical health, the environment, sustainability and more.

To close this off: thank you for being here with me and for wanting to know more.

XX Stella

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question & answer yourself📝✨

Chhm, chhm,…test, test,…HELLO? Can you hear me? Alright then...let’s get started. So, everybody, listen up. As you all know, this year...

🌿An ode to the footprint app😊📱

"Accelerating a sustainable world by empowering each individual. Enable people around the world to know their climate impact and provide...

An interview with grandma...

I decided to interview my grandma about a few things that were different when she was a child, like: -changes in the environment that she...

Man vs machine?🦼

While you are reading this you are looking at a machine, I typed this on a machine, when you get food from your kitchen you are...

A wise man once said...

“But listen to me, my people, we are now being confronted with a race – that was small and weak, when our fathers first met it, but now...


Recycling. Have you ever thought about it? How it works? What gets recycled? Who recycles? Does the term really keep true to its meaning...

Holidays-sadly also trashy days.

There is an array of holidays out there. Religious holidays, national holidays, cultural holidays, -got turned into something else and no...

Stay in school kids…right?

After my 16 wonderfully crafted exposes that I have released since launching my website, I thought that it would be a good idea to pick...

A recipe for relaxation🙏

Do you ever just sit in silence? In stillness. Letting the world just be and giving your mind a breather, a chance to quiet and slow...


I was thinking about the topic to write about next on my blog, when I saw the news on my phone that another oil vessel off the coast of...

A guide to sustainable beginnings🌳

Recipay for sustainibilitay :) Sometimes people feel overwhelmed and don't know where to start when they want to make changes to their...

In honor of the global climate strikes

It's crowded, so crowded. What an energy! They're all here, for the same reason. But, now there's distance. Marks on the ground counting...

Monday musing

What this means is: Monday-obviously because it's Monday. And "musing" because I am reflecting on things and thinking about questions...

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click here for my podcast SageTalking

Let's talk about nature, people, health, sustainable businesses and everything in between.
You won't miss out on the occasional politics and interviews with ecopreneurs either.

PS: I want to know what YOU want to know!
Send in questions or topic requests on IG @thrive_bynature

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