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A recipe for relaxation🙏

Do you ever just sit in silence?

In stillness. Letting the world just be and giving your mind a breather, a chance to quiet and slow down?

A lot of the times we don’t even realize that we are always doing something, hearing something, watching something. Our minds are always stimulated.

We are surrounded by information and noises and pictures.

That can aid to feeling overwhelmed, feeling hectic, stressed or rushed.

A solution to that can be taking a few minutes to give yourself a break from all of it.

Your favorite hot chocolate, your coziest sweater, your beloved teddy bear, your go to romantic movie.

A feel-good ritual for the mind, so to say.

So for all who are tired, anxious, overstimulated, interested or just bored…

Here is a little recipe for relaxation...

🍃Find a place that is quiet and preferably has a door to shut for extra privacy.

Maybe ask the people who live with you to leave you undisturbed for 5-10 minutes.

Darken the room by closing the curtains or blinds.

🍃To ease into it and to give your mind and body the signal that this is now the time to relax and calm down,

in a standing position, inhaling deeply, raise your hands over your head and join the palms together.

Exhaling, bring your hands down towards your heart.

Repeat 3-4 times.

🍃Come to down to the ground into a tabletop position and start performing some cat cows.

Arching your back and looking up towards the ceiling on the inhale,

Rounding your back and looking towards your bellybutton on the exhale.

Do that as long as it takes.

🍃Start to loosen up and just twist and rotate your torso, back and head in every direction in the tabletop position.

Take your time with this as well.

There are no rules and it certainly does not have to look pretty.

🍃Sit on the floor with your legs crossed comfortably.

Lay your hands on your knees with the palms facing downward.

Close your eyes and imagine a box.

In this box you are putting every thought, feeling, worry, that you don’t need this second.

Close the box and imagine that it is disappearing.

🍃Now, just sit and breathe.

You don’t have to change your natural breathing pattern.

Breaths don’t have to be extra deep or exaggerated.

Just let your breath flow and feel it. Listen to it and let it calm you.

Take your time now, …

🍃The goal is not to stop thinking, just let your thoughts pass by and listen to the stillness.

There is just you and yourself.

No outer world, no obligations, no rush.

🍃Just be.

Take however long you want or until it takes for your mind to calm.

🍃Memorize these steps and resort to this recipe whenever you feel like it.

Once you feel comfortable and familiar with it, change it up, make it your own.

And don’t be too embarrassed to hug yourself at the end and scream: “NAMASTE!” at the top of your lungs when you are done😁

The end

Oh, and a little side note: I have written this blog before, but deleted it in a moment of stupidity and failure to control the technical device called ‘a laptop’ :) Which made me ball my eyes out from frustration for a good 10 minutes, during which I blamed the entire world for its countless shortcomings, accompanied by the repeatedly asked question: ”why me?”, directed towards the ceiling.

So now I am taking my own advice. If you need anything, I will be sitting in a dark room, alone, in quiet, with no disturbances, for at least 15 minutes.

See ya.😎🥰

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