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A splash of good mood with a side of smiles.

Today we interrupt our regular scheduled programming of lectures and well meant suggestions for something that shall lighten and brighten your mood.

  1. selling single use plastic is supposed to be banned in Germany by 2021

  2. The scottish brewery Brewdog is not only 100 % CO2 neutral, it could even be deemed CO2 negative. The founders of the company have invested 33 Million Euros into green infrastructure and have decided to reforest a 800 hectare big area in the north of Loch Lomond in Scotland

  3. since a few months all of Great Britain's coal fired power plants are on hold due to the country having enough power produced by windmills

  4. For years coral reefs have been in danger due to high temperatures. Scientists have tried using salt crystals to brighten up clouds and reflect sunlight into space to cool down the Great Barrier reef. The experiment was successful.

  5. Scientist in the US have broken a new record by remodeling a III-V-solar panel that can convert concentrated sunlight into 47.1 % electricity.

  6. Collectively, 58 schools in Bremen Germany, were able to cut down on 1,400 tons of CO2 in a single year.

  7. In Belgium all advertisements for tobacco will be forbidden, starting 2021

  8. A school in Ireland has replaced homework for the month of December with the students having to do "good deeds"

  9. If every American skipped meat and cheese just one day a week for a single year, it would be like taking 7,600,000 cars off the road. Which shows that minor things that require no effort at all can seriously make an impact and we are not as powerless as we seem to think.

  10. Thailand's national parks are planning on closing for a few months every year to make sure that nature and animals can recover. One of Thailand's parks: Khao Yai Park is sending the trash that campers have left there during their stay home to them by mail to remind them of their trashy behavior.

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