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A sustainable holiday gift guide – basic, but necessary🎅

The holidays are coming up, as you have probably noticed.

If not – I’m telling you, they are coming up and people are expecting gifts my friend.

I don’t know what it feels like for you, but for me the prospect of the holiday season just doesn’t feel the same this year and not just for the – duh –

OBVIOUS reasons.

It just all feels a little out of whack.

So, making your loved ones happy and gifting little things here and there as a token of affection may be just the thing to spread a little cheer.

But, not at the cost of the environment.

I will not start counting down the many ways in which the customs of the holiday season negatively affect our environment.

Instead I will do my best to give you some gift inspiration the sustainable way.

And because the part of shipping tons of presents to every corner of the world is also not the greatest (although most sustainable companies do offset their CO2 emissions)

I will write down the countries that the online shops are based in, so that you can decide which ones you want to go “holiday-ham” on😉.

Also, where a company is based doesn’t necessarily mean that that is where its warehouses are based or that that's where it ships from.

Some, that are very international also have warehouses in other countries.

Complicated, but go check them out!

They are great companies with great values that you can support with a good conscience.

👗👚First up clothes!!! Sustainably fashionable and so so pretty: SPAIN (simple sharp designs that are very cool) USA (very classy, simple and cozy) UK (very modern and stylish, up to date fancy styles) UK (pretty cotton basics, contemporary, cozy) UK (cozy and simply stylish) USA (embracing every-body, feel good active/yoga/lounge wear) USA (cool/classy statement pieces) USA-international (shoes, cool kicks, simple and classy for everyday wear) AUS-EU site for EU local shipping (beautiful, summery flowy and fun pieces that bring color into your wardrobe) USA (beautiful activewear with lounge potential, awesome and unique prints and designs) SPAIN (simple pieces that give me rainy day English countryside vibes, big color ranges in calm, cozy tones) GERMANY (for all those vintage lovers out there, second hand, cool cool pieces)

✨💍👑Apparently diamonds are a girl’s best friend, so next up - sparkly stuff: GERMANY (simple, pretty, everyday, everywhere statement pieces) AUSTRIA (classy pieces that level up any outfit) USA (repurposed designer jewelry, luxy pieces) INTERNATIONAL (a place for virtually any design and not just jewelry) USA (diamonds, rubies, gemstones you name it) FRANCE (it’s french-it’s beautiful and classy and simple and french)

♻💚🌷And last but not least, sustainable living and zero waste basics that definitely have gift potential: GERMANY USA USA GERMANY UK

🔎📱Don’t forget to check out their instagram accounts.

If you search those sustainable brands on Instagram or the web (use ECOSIA as a search engine to plant trees with every search – works just like google) you will find more and more and start building a network of sustainable stores.

🛒🌱Give those companies some love and swap them for others that you are currently buying from.

Sustainable companies make a huge effort to be eco-friendly and to protect you and our planet from harm so it makes sense to put your money where it doesn't cause any extra harm to our 🌏.

💕💖To close this off: I hope that y’all are looking forward to the holidays and are spending time with loved ones and friends as far as it is possible,

because we all know that presents are not the most important thing on the holiday list.

Stay safe and merry and jolly💝🎄🎅.

XX Stella

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