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🌿An ode to the footprint app😊📱

"Accelerating a sustainable world by empowering each individual.

Enable people around the world to know their climate impact and provide guidance towards the most powerful actions. 🌿"

That is the vision of the footprint app.

The founders Daniel Scholz and Sebastian Gier founded footprint

Driven by sustainability, innovation and entrepreneurship and experiences in business, design, tech, data research and marketing - combined for a positive mission.

The team is made up of several blog contributors who come from around the world and all share the passion for driving positive impact for the climate.

The company also has the help of an advisor board which is made up of international experts in the fields of sustainability, ecopreneurship, tech, behaviour change and research.

I was invited to a take part in a call where I was showed around the app,

which I was told will be released around January of the next year.

I got to look at the app first hand, to see how it works and how it can be integrated into daily life.

So, it's time to buckle up, turn off your stove and get ready for a tour of the app😎.

The app is divided into 3 categories: MOVE FOOD LIVE

🚲🛴🛵🚙MOVE is all about the different ways of transportation

You can pick individual transportation like:

Car, e-bike, flight, e-scooter, motorbike and moped

and public transportation like: bus, train, subway and tram and then see and compare the CO2 that is emitted by the use of each of them.

🥗🍔🥩🍓FOOD is. . .self-explanatory

You can pick between different categories of MEAL, SNACKS, SIDE DISH, MEAT and so on.

Within these categories there are different vegetables, legumes, fruit, meats or even spices that you can click on to see how much CO2 was emitted by producing this item.

You can even get more specific and see what the CO2 emissions were, factoring in the plastic packaging that a product came in.

And you can compare the emissions of let’s say - sunflower seeds to the emissions of cheese.

So you could look at the emissions produced with tofu and steak for example, see what the difference of the emissions is and the make an informed decision about your pick.

🛁🧻👕🎧LIVE is about all of the different things we use in our daily lives

like: fans, laptops, clothing, air conditioners, magazines, toilet paper, jeans, garden tools, oven, books…

There are different categories like household, Digital, daily consume, cloth and fashion, tools, cleaning, hygiene and kitchen,

within which you can find the before mentioned items.

You can get very specific and for example click on:

tumble dryer –> then select electric or gas and the duration that it was used.

Below every item there is also the option to click ‘details’, where in case of the tumble dryer you can let it calculate your weekly, monthly or daily emissions,

Depending on the use of the specific item.

✨🎇😎General info

🌱Within every item you have the option to click on ‘Explore more’ to compare the emissions of that item to other items

and see which swaps you could make to use one with lower emissions.

🌱Another button ‘Balance your footprint’ makes it possible for you to balance the footprint of your specific item,

by investing in a certified project that reduces emissions, like:

planting trees in Panama or supporting green energy in Indonesia.

🌱This way you can directly balance the emissions of the things that you use in your day to day lives and check out swaps that you could make.

🌱You can see what an impact it has choosing between meat and tofu, the train or car, new clothes or secondhand clothing.

This way you’ll really develop a sense for the emissions that are produced and will be able to recognize the worst pollutants and implement new strategies into your life.

I know, this blog was strangely matter-of-fact with no jokes or usual sarcastic jabs at all 😉

But, this is a serious topic which we all should be weary of and educate ourselves on.

And then more importantly - act on what we’ve learned.

🌱🌿With the help of footprint you’ll be able to do that in an easy and practical way.

So, get excited and stay tuned!

✨Go follow @your_footprint on Instagram and give them some love!

They also post a lot of great sustainability tips and climate insights on there that you can learn about while the app is not yet launched.

They will also be releasing a podcast on sustainability, ecopreneurship and innovation!

It is so comforting to know that there are always people out there, who care and

create tools to help support us in moving towards greener ways.

So thank you to the footprint team for working hard to create this tool for us!

See ya next blog👋🏼








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