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Are mental health problems 'normal'?

It seems as though there is a pandemic that is a different one than the one that is occupying our news right now.

That is: mental health problems.

I have read a sentence by a psychologist once that said:

“When things are uncertain and chaotic, people start trying to control things they can control at the time.
Like FOOD or their THOUGHTS.

Which makes sense.

I don’t think I know anybody who is about my age that has no had no problems with their mental health.

And I am not talking about being sad once in a while or having down days.

I am talking about diagnosable, psychologically recognized, mental health problems.

And that is pretty scary.

You see it all over social media.

People posting and talking about mental health issues -which is good.

That people are talking about it, educating and informing people.

Encouraging, giving support and building communities to help each other.

But that shows, just HOW MANY people are actually dealing with these problems.

One concern with all of this is that amidst this wave of mental health issues,

people can sometimes forget that these problems are not “normal”.

I am not talking about getting in a funk or feeling a whirlwind of human emotions once in a while.

That is ok.

And going through puberty and menopause, for example, with all the confusing and exhausting emotions, is ok and “normal”.

But all of these “real mental health problems” – they are not normal.

And they shouldn’t be started to be viewed as a part life or just accepted.

That is something that is happening a lot in my opinion.

People often brush off the problems that they have as:

"Everybody has it."
"It’s not that bad, others have it way worse."
"It’s just part of life."
"It’s so common. It’s not a big deal."

Some people even get annoyed by it.

It is true, it feels like everybody on social media is “opening up about mental health struggles” and maybe a handful of people is doing it to get attention or to “fit in”,

but the truth is just that an overwhelming number of people is struggling with mental health issues.

Which is no wonder considering the world we live in.

Everything is moving fast, our world has gone through so many new innovations, inventions, industrial revolutions and what not in the last few decades, that it’s hard to catch up.

We are dealing with an array of OVERWHELMING problems.

🌱We have moved away from nature further than ever.

📳We get flooded with news, media and information all day, every day.

🤯It is just a sensory overload sometimes.

So yes: mental health issues are pretty common.
And no: they are not normal.

If you need help: seek help.

If you feel anxious: say so.

If you feel that your struggles need attention: speak out.

It’s a crazy world y’all.

All we can do is try and stick together while working on solving these problems of our time.

💚Go out and sit in a forest for an hour.
💚Shut off your phone.
💚Play a board game.
💚Stare at your ceiling with your feet up on the wall.
Give your brain a break and try to chillax.

Over and out.

Thank you for reading💚

See ya next blog👋🏼

Xx Stella

PS: I have a podcast now! Go check it out if you’d rather here me talking than reading about all of these topics

I appreciate you! Thank you for your support!

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