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I was thinking about the topic to write about next on my blog,

when I saw the news on my phone that another oil vessel off the coast of Venezuela/Trinidad and Tobago is in danger of capsizing - and the government is doing nothing about it.

And I freaked, I am freaking right now. I could ball my eyes out!

I am so scared, so TERRIFIED!

This vessel that carries 5 times more oil than the Exxon Valdez-which was the worst oil spill in history - is floating in the ocean, unstable and could potentially capsize, spilling 1.4 MILLION BARRELS into out fishery ecosystem.

I don't know if I believe in god, but I am praying.

I am praying to whatever is out there to stand by us and send a miracle.

I know that praying alone does not help.

And if there was any chance that I could get to that ship, lift it out of the ocean myself and vaporize it into a big fat NOTHING. I WOULD.

I am so angry about most of the governments in our world.

They invest money into military, guns, fighting other countries and protecting the countries they are allies with.

They invest in infrastructure and build shiny new streets and fund huge companies that are worth more money than you could ever start counting.

The conflicts and problems on the agenda are countless.

They are countless and more often than not, not the one's to be focusing on.

Why, if there is any sort of ecological disaster, the government sits by, denies, watches, gives superfluous, meaningless, BS answers to the press and social media and goes about any sort of business that does not involve punishing the MONSTER COMPANIES who get disgustingly rich by destroying the environment and spitting out one idiotic marketing scheme after another.


Our governments have the tools and power necessary to protect us.

They could do more!

Why do they not? Is it just one huge conspiracy that no one has gotten behind?

Why do non-profit environmental organizations and groups have to fight and claw their way through to be heard.

Why do they get arrested at protests and get so many obstacles put in their way, because they do what our world leaders and governments should be doing?

It is absurd and I don't understand it.

When people are sitting in treetops trying to stop a huge company from cutting the forest down to build warehouses-

Why do the police and military jump into action and rush there in fleets to protect the company's workers,

when they should be PROTECTING the TREES from the companies and the government instead??

I am so sad and angry. It hurts in my stomach.

I am not usually like this. I sound so negative and pessimistic.

But those things that are happening, they are happening to OUR PLANET and I am scared.

It sometimes leaves no room for anything else and I have to express that.

We are turning nature against us and that is so wrong.

I've said it before and I'll say it again...

We ARE nature, we are part of this ecosystem and we CANNOT LIVE without it.

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