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Environmentalism is not just about nature.

It’s not like it wouldn’t be reason enough to protect nature just for the sake of nature, but because our environment affects all areas of life on this planet, 
it therefore has many different facets.🌱🌳💚

Environmentalism also means a fight for equality and justice, humanitarianism and consciousness.
It means protection of people, animals, land, rights and upkeep of morals.

Complete environmental justice and salvation would mean peace, tolerance, kindness.

Healing and reconstruction of systems instead of continuing to be greedy and profiting from existing faulty systems.

It would therefore mean consciousness and slowing down.

Reconnecting and rethinking.

Learning from nature instead of fighting against it.

Investing in green energies and solutions instead of making money from environmental destruction and then paying billions to repair damages caused by natural disasters.

It would mean listening to scientists, innovators, activists, environmentalists and forward-thinkers instead of capitalists, greedy politicians and lobbyists.

I would mean EDUCATION supported and pushed by governments to bring awareness to everyone on these REALLY IMPORTANT matters.

Breathe…rest your eyes for a second and continue reading when your noggin feels ready to absorb some more information😁

I want to elaborate a little on why environmental matters are not just that.

They are a fight for equality and justice because treating the environment just and with respect as an equal entity that "works" with humans instead of for them will also mean fair wages and working conditions for people.

They are a moral fight because protecting the environment would automatically mean a high moral standard and pursuing moral actions that are good-hearted and pure, because the fight is one for an unarguably good cause.

They are a fight for peace because wars, as the destruction of nature and people would have to be stopped.

In turn, that would require tolerance because wars will not seize to exist without tolerance and new diplomatic, more effective approaches to the solution of conflicts.

They are a fight for systemic changes because the systems we are living in now are not able to support the healing of the environment.

These systems are set up in a way that they are kept up by overproduction, mass-consumption, exploitation, . . .

We need to change that in order to achieve, living in harmony with nature.

A path to healing the environment

would mean the reconstruction of systems.

Jobs would have to be replaced by ones that are necessary and serving to solving the obstacles of this time.

Changing industries to work with nature and giving back equally or more than what we are taking.

Changing the way we build, harvest and produce.

BIG changes.

They may even pose difficulties or be really conflicting or uncomfortable at times – but hey, that’s change for ya.

The rewards though – the positive changes that would become noticeable for all life on this planet – those rewards would be bigger than anything that money can buy and far superior to any materialistic thing that you could own.

This world has much to offer and we are the most intelligent species to have EVER wandered this earth.

This does not mean that we aren’t capable of making incredible mistakes.

But it also means that we are more capable than ever to find extraordinary solutions and do amazing, impactful and meaningful things if that is what we choose.

It all starts with us. In your everyday life - what will YOU choose?

Thank you for reading💚

See ya next blog👋🏼

Xx Stella

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