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📝We have a lot of news outlets in our world.

Everybody is writing and reporting about something.

And right now, because there is always the one topic to report about, we get a lot of news that is of a slightly depressing nature.

I personally feel very defeated sometimes by all the certain kinds of news

(about the environment🌲 and the other predominant topic🧫) at the moment.

So I’m thinking that it is time for a GOOD NEWS THURSDAY!!

Alright, let’s do it.

1st up

👨🏼‍⚖️The movement of defining ecocide as a law and making it a crime is seriously on the move.

(ECOCIDE: Mass damage and destruction of ecosystems.)

🌿Top international lawyers have drafted the definition of “ECOCIDE”.

✨As the first country to do so, Belgium was the first European nation to raise criminalizing ecocide at the International Criminal Court.

It suggested that Ecocide should be seriously considered as an addition to the list of international crime.

Spain’s Foreign Affairs Parliamentary Committee has passed a resolution calling on the government to study the possibility of criminalizing ecocide at international levels.

✨The Dutch Party for Animals submitted its White Paper to Dutch Parliament, outlining the need for international legislation on Ecocide.

And many more...


So what is making me bounce in my seat right now,

is that what we are seeing here means that countries are starting to take the threats to our environment seriously on a “constitutional level”.

📝🌍If you are interested in this topic go visit @ecocidelaw on Instagram

or on their website: and sign up to be a #earthprotector by signing the petition and/or donating.


🌱The ozone hole is healing!

It was at its biggest in 1994 and is slowly recovering since then.

According to a report from the United Nations, the infamous hole in the ozone layer could be totally healed by the 2060’s.

🌱A study found that without meat and dairy consumption, global farmland use could be reduced by more than 75 % - an area equivalent to the US, China, the EU and Australia combined – and still feed the world.

This reveals that one of the single biggest things we can do to help fight climate change is being as vegan as possible.

(it is not that hard, trust me – instead of reaching for dairy milk, you reach for the plant milk and just don’t buy meat. Has anybody ever told you NOT to buy something? It’s pretty easy, you just DON’T buy it…)

(+ I'm clapping for everyone who is vegan, almost vegan and to everyone who is working towards it💚🤜🏼🤛🏼)

🌱There is a new solar-powered electric car on the market.

Aptera, made by @aptera_motors ( ) is a revolutionary car fitted with solar panels that entirely power your drive.

It is the world’s first electric vehicle to never have to be charged as it’s solar panels can absorb enough sunlight for your car to travel about 40 miles per day.

🎇This rocks, right?

🌱The municipal council of the German town of Helmstadt has unanimously voted against the construction of an AMAZON logistics center in their area (thank god)!

Which shows that no matter how big a company, it can only do damage with our consent.

🌱Reef memorials boost ocean life!

Because reefs are dying and are a crucial part of our ecosystem

and the delivery of oxygen to our earth,

there was a method designed in the 1980’s to help restore reef life in Florida.

Underwater reef balls containing cremated remains are planted on the ocean floor in a memorial service. They replicate natural coral reefs and quickly attract microorganisms and other sea life to restore biodiversity!🌊🐋

💚Isn’t that beautiful? Gives a whole other meaning to the phrase: “circle of life!”

🌱There is a wooden debit card – powered by the search engine ECOSIA (which I hope you are using!)

that helps plant trees.

It is free and puts 80 % of its profit into replanting the earth! For every 60 $ spent, a tree is planted!🌲

🌱This year for New Year’s Eve to discourage people to get together because of Covid,

all pyrotechnics have been banned in Germany.

It is not the reason we would like it to be but it’s definitely better than nothing.

And it goes to show that the government has the power to ban and forbid certain things if the need arises.

It has arisen!

🌍💥And so in the future let’s hope that with the enforcement of the ECOCODE law governments will ban things that hurt our environment without the threat of a pandemic!

(In the Netherlands for example fireworks have been banned for environmental reasons.)

Alright people, this is it for today👋🏼.

I hope that this gave you a boost of fresh energy, optimism and the knowledge that: “we’ve got the power🎶 “,

and can change more than we want to believe.

Side note: please stop ordering from AMAZON if you do.

They are a seriously bad company, why would you want to pay them to do so much damage?

Thank you from your future self.💚👩🏼‍🌾👨🏼‍🌾

Blog over.

Xx Stella💌

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