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How people got used to leaving farms and moving to cities👨🏼‍🌾

Let's take the US for example.

When people first moved from farms to cities to work in factories in the first big rush of industrialization, most felt very misplaced and shaken up by it.

People found themselves writing romanticized letters, poems and staring out of factory windows to look at the sky and the clouds passing by.

The workers started "inventing" new leisure time activities such as taking walks, fishing, and seeking out the countryside serenity for their mental wellness and sanity.

People had to get used to a whole new rhythm that was very different from the one they had in the country.

Sportsmen's clubs began to tackle water and air pollution and effectively put environmental issues on the agenda by the 1940s because workers saw first hand that these new industries and factories were big sources of pollution and it was something people were very concerned about because it wasn't a phenomenon in the countryside where machines and factories were not present.

Nature started to be seen as something "out there", a place to go when you need a breather.

The worker's children of course were born in the cities that their parents had relocated to in order to find work.

So these children were used to "city life".

Nowadays there are billions of people who have grown up in cities.

People who love to live in cities.

It is not abnormal.

People have gotten used to it.

Being removed from nature and not even really knowing nature.

I live in the countryside and I am definitely too much removed from nature for my taste.

My mother grew up in the countryside and rode horses at nearby farms,

got milk and cheese directly from farmers who had just milked their cows by hand, hours before and went mushroom picking in the forest with her grandfather.

But, I don't know which plants in the woods I can use for which purpose.

I wouldn't automatically know how to grow my own food or heal illnesses with natural medicine.

We have to relearn to live with nature and refer to old practices, indigenous knowledge and how we can use this valuable knowledge for modern day solutions.

We need to integrate ourselves back into the natural system and I bet that that'd go quicker than we think because our natural instincts are still there.

Let a young "house cat" outside for long enough and it'll come back with a bird or a mouse after a while even though she was only fed with canned food until that moment,

because it is a natural instinct and how things work in nature.

Thank you for reading💚

See ya next blog👋🏼

Xx Stella

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