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Mental health check in/rant/personal thoughts/Covid-quarantine thoughts. . .Interested? Come read😎

How are you dealing with the “C situation”?

Mental health check in.

I am not going to say Covid-19 one more time after this because: ain’t nobody can hear it anymore.

I still want to check in and maybe be able to say, what someone needs to hear today or something that will make somebody feel heard or addressed.

This "pandemic state" has now been going on for about a year.

No one can blame you if you are feeling like your feathers have been roughed three times over and then some.🦃

Every feeling that you could possibly have has been discussed by psychologists in the news or social media, friends and family, above and beyond.

You know what you or people you know are feeling.

You know your own struggles with this pandemic and the thoughts that go around in your head.

I can just tell you that I know it doesn’t always help to hear that it’s alright and that it will get better.

That you shouldn't loose hope.

That there are positive sides to it.

That it will make you stronger.

That you have more time to focus on other things and

that you should take comfort in the fact that the entire world is going through the same thing.

. . .

So I will just let you take a break from your own problems in this and tell you a story about MY thoughts and you can just sit back and listen to someone else's complaints with the off chance that I might be saying something interesting that you haven’t heard yet.

My thoughts👻:

I, as any other person have had my fair share of these ups and downs of what seems to be one BIG TIME QUARANTINE.

In this Quarantine I have started this blog, my IG account, horse riding and gymnastics.

I have had little to no social contacts before this time because of various other reasons that will have to be a blog in itself.

So the C-time (or as my father calls it: masky time) hit

and just when I had started trying to "reinstate myself" into society,

there was a significant obstacle in the way.

Gymnastics was over, horse riding only took place whenever the restrictions were lifted a bit and I was left with a lot of down time and online school⛈🪀📚👩🏼‍🍳.

(I live in Germany which means that the restrictions and regulations have been significantly more strict here than in some other parts of the world.)

So I decided that I needed SOMETHING to focus my time on.

I have always enjoyed writing so I started the blog and my IG account (@thrive_bynature) to get some of these pent up writing/opinions/environmental sorrows and tips out . . .there.

I have found that with all of this time on my hands I am far from being as productive as I could be.

What for? It’s not like there is anything specific to look forward too.

There are no set dates or current goals or deadlines.

No one to interact with or that I have to answer to.

Sometimes this makes it hard to do all of the things that only I myself have told me to do.

I have also found that I have an unusually consuming longing for:


doing random, crazy activities,

writing a book,

entering contests,

trying different sports,

learning to play an instrument,

starting a podcast,

going to parties,

. . .

Maybe even things I have never wasted a thought on before.

I feel like I would just want to try or do everything TODAY just because there is so little stimulation and I am restricted from doing them.

You know what I am talking about?

I mean someone who is a nurse for example surely doesn’t have this need for 1000 activities at a time because he/she is VERY BUSY right now.

There are days where I am on my phone too much, looking for distractions and contemplating the pros and cons of dating apps just to find new people to talk to.

Days, where I am looking at the ceiling and asking myself what I have done that this world must be so cruel to me.

I know. . .all the symptoms of “feelingsorryforyourselphobia”.

But then I realized: If I didn’t have these thoughts and feelings after a year of a pandemic…

Something ought to be SERIOUSLY wrong with me.


These were my thoughts.

Maybe this has helped or spoken to someone or even made someone smile.

I feel like this should have started with the words: Dear Diary, . .

The end

Stay well and healthy and cheery and know that it's okay to look for fun in random activities, bake till you could open your own bakery and crumple up into a self-pity ball every now and then.

Thank you for reading

See ya next blog

Xx Stella

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