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Monday musing

What this means is: Monday-obviously because it's Monday.

And "musing" because I am reflecting on things and thinking about questions that I have, whether they're deep or not and I'm inviting you to do the same.

My topics for reflection are:

What are negative feelings and thoughts that are stopping me from acting in a productive and useful way and why?

Self discipline-where does it start and where does it end? When is it helpful and when is it counterproductive?

Do I really control my feelings or are they sometimes "better" and sometimes "worse" and I am just going along with it and hoping for the best?

How the heck do computers or telephones work? How does it work that I put something into the search engine and information to every single topic is just there? And how long did it take to put it all in there? And telephones? How do they actually work?

How do some people grow up to be really "bad" people even if no "obvious bad things" have happened to them. How does that happen? All babies come to this earth innocent and smiling.

Why did nature make it like that, that with seahorses the men carry the babies? And why this species?

Why do eyelashes and brows only grow so long until they stop? Do they know when they're long enough?

When am I being honest with myself and seeing things through and when am I just "lying" to myself? I mean, I am myself, I could always be manipulating me.

How do other people see me? How does it seem to them - the way I act and talk? Does my voice sound pleasant to their ears? Do I seem secure or awkward or content?

Who invented the pacifier? What did they use in Ancient Egypt or the Middle Ages?

Alright, that was it for now. My thoughts and feelings to muse over this Monday.

What are yours? Could you maybe solve some of these questions that you are wondering about, by either taking time to think about them or using the good old internet to get some answers (btw. there is a great search engine that works just like google or safari, it's called ECOSIA and every time you search things, with the money they make off of the ads on the internet, they plant trees!!🌳❤).

Let's go find some answers and solve some mysteries. Bonne chance!

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