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question & answer yourself📝✨

Chhm, chhm,…test, test,…HELLO?

Can you hear me?

Alright then...let’s get started.

So, everybody, listen up.

As you all know, this year has been full of excitement to say the least.

I am not going to get into it in depth, because if you weren’t in Siberia without any access to civilization or technology,…

Then you know all about it.

Now that we are approaching the end of this year I would like to invite you,

and you,

and you,

and you over there hiding behind your desk,

to get those thoughts and feelings of yours organized a bit.

…like an end of year clean up.

A tool that will hopefully make you feel a bit more settled, help you achieve a positive outlook and release some pressure through a bit of objective


Here is a list of questions that you can fill out and your answers can help you view your own thoughts and feelings from a more objective perspective.

Once they are written down you can take a step back and evaluate them as if they were someone else’s answers without the clouded judgement

that you may have regarding those feelings while you are experiencing them.

📝👩🏼‍🏫Here go the questions folks

(no cheating or use of unauthorized, fancy calculators)

Number 1:

Do you have especially high expectations of what the next year should be like, because this year “wasn’t great”.

If yes, what are they and do you feel pressure thinking about them?

If not,…good on ya mate.

Number 2:

Do you often feel giddy, restless or a need to do a lot of things at once?

If yes, what are they and are they really important to do?

Number 3:

Do you feel stressed or tired when thinking about the next day?

If yes, what exactly makes you feel like that when you think about it?

Number 4:

What is something that makes you feel good that you do every day?

If there isn’t anything, then what could that be for you?

Number 5:

Do you ever just sit and watch something, out on the street, in your garden,

sit completely still and don’t really think?

If yes, is it usually at the same time of the day or for a certain reason

(need a breather, just finished hard work, procrastinating)

If not, why do you think that you never just sit still and do nothing’?

Number 6:

Is there something that you have planned that really excites you when you think about it?

If yes, what is it and why?

If no, could you come up with something?

Number 7:

Do you feel unsettled or nervous when thinking about the future?

If yes, why is that?

If not, why is that?

Number 8:

Do you ever try to actively change feelings that are very unpleasant?

If yes, how do you do it?

If no, why not?

Number 9: How would you describe yourself in 4 words?

Is it hard for you to think of 4 words?

Are they of a reinforcing or more negative nature?

And at last Number 10:

Do you feel comfortable being by yourself?

If yes, why is that?

If no, why is that?

✨I want to give you an incentive to really analyze yourself.

But to treat this ‘survey of yourself’ as something that is fun, meditative, maybe like journaling.

It doesn’t have to be work or complicated.

You can write down deep and long thoughts,

or just short notes and what comes to mind first.

👩🏼‍⚕️You can pretend to be a psychologist evaluating another person’s thoughts and feelings as a way to distance yourself from it and then think of

ways to solve some problems, recognize personal traits or rethink goals in an objective, constructive manner.

I promise, this can be fun and helpful😁

Feel free to answer only the questions you like,

to answer only two or all of the them…

💌If you do answer the questions and want to share, I’d be happy to read them and maybe talk about the different answers in an IGTV or something.

🤜🏼🤛🏼I think it would be really interesting to share and compare the answers.

It often is very surprising and comforting to hear that other people feel and think very similar things.

Ok, put away your pens and relax.

Test – over.

✉💝Thank you for participating and don't forget to send me a picture of your answers as a DM on @thrive_bynature 👋🏼

See ya next blog💚

Xx Stella

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