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"SOIS BLESSED" the concept store in Munich

"Sois Blessed" means “be blessed”.

That is the name of the impactful concept store in Munich.

What “Sois Blessed” means at this store is a “currency of heart” so to say.

As the wonderful founder Ruth Gombert describes it:

“We want to present our guests with gifts – yes, even bless them.”

🌞It is an attitude at the store, a feeling that some guests would describe as:

“I don’t know what it is but it feels good.”

And that is not always so easy to come by anymore.

Businesses, ways of selling and making money have changed a lot in the last decades.

Many stores look the same, sell the same things and have only one infinite goal: making money and producing as much as possible.

This way of doing business is impersonal,

mostly involves mass production, unfair working conditions and pollutes the planet.

Many businesses lack a sense of meaning and purpose.

Even when going into stores that sell

“more expensive, exclusive, luxurious” things - elegance, a good atmosphere and being able to buy items that have been produced fairly with planet and people in mind, is not guaranteed.

But at “Sois Blessed” you can definitely feel a difference.

From beautiful paintings that were created with a passion from women and men in Africa who support themselves and their families through the sales initiative THETRAVELLINGARTGALLERY,

to the Outdoor collection AMES, which

was crafted in Columbia and

beautiful dishes made in Vietnam.

From furniture that has had a life before “Sois Blessed”

and which is being reused and upholstered or "freshened up" a bit to become "Old New Stars" at the store.

Lampshades that are made from beautiful old kimonos

and the designs and drawings from the children

of the HOPE SCHOOLS, seen everywhere.

The items with designs that were drawn by the children of the Hope School are all part of a non-profit collection where profits go straight to the Hope schools in South Africa where children who are infected with HIV get an education, security and a home.

The idea stems from the heart with the message being: “Giving is more blissful than taking.”

The key words at "Sois Blessed" are








and they certainly do a good job at making the atmosphere of the store special.

It is not just a store, it is a place where old becomes new,

where elegance meets sustainability,

where people can meet and enjoy and where a business has a cause.

Sustainability and thoughtfulness are beautiful and mean something.

Caring for each other and supporting good causes makes a business richer not poorer.

Exuding good energy invites good energy.

And I think it is important to highlight what it means to create, support and sell with a cause.

That is what I took away from “Sois Blessed”.

If you are in or around Munich, visit them at Prannerstrasse 10, 80333 Munich.

If you aren’t you can still check out the “Sois Blessed” website.

Thank you for reading💚

See ya next blog👋🏼



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