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The impact of the environment on humans and what we are doing to save it...

…is definitely a very interesting topic. Our environment and where we are always plays a role in our health, the way we think and our moods.

One fact is that we all are a part of this planet, right?

Therefore we are part of this ecosystem. We come from this planet and are connected to it.

Which means, the healthier nature is, the healthier we are.

If water, agriculture or the air is polluted, that will obviously have a negative impact on us.

It could be so easy, if we all thought that way, to say: “let’s replant the rainforest and stop destroying it, let’s make laws that every building in every city has to have plants on it’s rooftops,

Let’s stop the production of plastic and materials that pollute the earth and only recycle what is already there or produce only biodegradable materials that come from nature.

Some might say this is really unrealistic, wishful thinking.

But, people are already doing those things, scientists have already found numerous ways of producing sustainable materials, generating power in eco-friendly ways or discovering worms that eat plastic.

People are already composting, living plastic free, establishing organizations or groups who clean up polluted beaches or plant trees in their neighborhoods.

So it’s all there to our disposal, we just have to adopt it in the areas of our day to day lives.

And why is that not happening? (I am obviously no: politician, scientist or expert myself, but I will just put down my own thoughts or information that I have obtained or researched.)

Because we have systems, that are so deeply ingrained in how our societies work.

We have too many people in leadership roles, politicians, lobbyists and people with more money than any person would have for themselves who benefit monetarily or otherwise, from how things are working in this world right now, who are just all too eager to fight for everything that is wrong and harmful for so many people, including themselves.

But while money is nice and all, it is a currency that we have invented.

In the grand scheme of things it has no value, it has no life, no emotion. It is a thing that does not ensure, happiness, health, being able to breathe fresh air or being able to live in a healthy, natural world.

I could write about this all day, because it pains me and frustrates me.

Because I love nature and I know that there are ways to protect it. To heal and nurture it. We have the knowledge and the power for it.

And I know getting my words and thoughts across to whoever is reading this in a way that is not always the most positive and not always inspiring and a motivating call to action because I am expressing concern, frustration and also fear.

But it is honest.

If you are in a similar situation and have that kind of eco anxiety, just know that you are not alone and that whatever you are doing: it’s great and it helps and I am thankful for it.

I am cheering for you.

We can all take comfort in the thought, that the tools for moving towards a healthier, greener, happier planet are there.

Although it may be frustrating to think that we have them and yet those eco friendly ways are not enforced in a manner that we could benefit from them to their full potential. They are there and there are many people who have their hearts full of love, their heads full of green knowledge and their hands full of soil.

We have the power to change things, everyone as an individual.

The responsibility for ourselves and the world we live in as a collective species.

We are smart, the smartest creatures to have ever existed.

And I’ll tell you something: Up foresting the rain forest and then seeing a whole array of species coming back to live in it, seeing the planet come more alive than you ever could imagine and smelling the clear air, will 100%, definitely and biologically guaranteed, nurture your every cell and light your soul on fire more than a successful business deal ever could.

OK, I will have to pause here, because I am exhausted :)

To end this, here is a gift for you, from you today: go outside, find a patch of nature where you can, feel it, smell it, close your eyes and allow your body to relax and connect. And even if you don’t physically feel a miracle or change in your body or mood right away: Every single connection to nature, is medicine for your soul and healing for your body.

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