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The moon, the sun and the stars, the leaves and the waves, the ocean and the wind. So: Nature

You’ve probably heard people say things like: “I didn’t sleep well last night, it must be a full moon.”,

or “I have a headache today, that must be the foehn (winds that occur on the lee side of a mountain-range).”

Or “My stomach is hurting, I’ll have a cup of fennel tea.”

“I am feeling a little down, I think I’ll go catch some fresh air to clear my head.”

🌿These sayings all correlate to nature and it's affects on us.

To all of the natural resources that we use to solve problems or to make ourselves feel better or the rhythm of the natural world that we are connected to.

Nature is like a great big wheel, that turns without failure.

It is a never ending, closed circle.

It’s working rhythm is flawlessly perfect and it runs seamlessly.

There is a solution to every problem, there is a reason for every screw and spoke.

Each part is influenced by and connected to each other.

Everything we need is in nature already.

🌬🔥🌊We use the wind, water, the chemical reaction of burning something or the sunlight to generate power.

💃We make clothes out of wool from sheep, out of cotton from plants, out of bamboo, silk or linen.

We eat soooo much from nature, make plant milk, bake bread and pastries, cookies and cakes from grains.

We make hygiene products from natural ingredients, like soap, cremes, scrubs, wooden hair- and toothbrushes.

Packaging from paper, cornstarch, sugar cane.

We use natural resources for:

Medicine, construction, health, decor, technology, farming,…

It provides us with much and we are very influenced by it.

For example:

The concept of people saying that, someone should get themselves plants or cats if they live alone, is actually a real solution if people are feeling lonely or sad.

🌱Having indoor plants will make you automatically feel better, because they are natural air purifiers and humidifiers, they make you sleep better and aid in focus and concentration,

they have natural fragrances and help you recover faster,…

🐕Now the matter of having pets: scientists have found, that even small interactions with dogs cause the human brain to produce oxytocin, a hormone often referred to as the “cuddle chemical.”

Oxytocin increases feelings of relaxation, trust, and empathy while reducing stress and anxiety.

🌙Another thing that is linked to natures rhythm is the menstrual cycle.

Women used to start menstruating on the full moon and start ovulating on the new moon so they could track it by the position of the moon.

Which isn’t like that anymore and women have all over the place-cycles, problems with their periods, are unfertile, have more miscarriages and so on because our nature and the way we live has changed.

Some people don’t even get their wisdom teeth or don't loose all their baby teeth anymore,

because the way we eat is so different and we have many highly processed foods, that don’t exist naturally.

Genetically modified foods and pesticides/herbicides on fields have also definitely messed with our systems, although there are natural ways of keeping insects or other animals to eat or destroy crop.

Catnip for example is a natural insect repellent, Chrysanthemums drive away mites, lice, ants, beetles, ticks, roaches, bed bugs.

Or there is the method of sexually-confusing bugs to save crop (which you should look up, it’s interesting and not as weird as it sounds😆).

We have interfered with nature and distanced/disconnected ourselves a lot.

But nature gives us everything and we won’t lack anything by turning to nature and living in harmony with it.

We’d feel a heck of a lot better, I’d reckon.

💚We just have to start solving the problems of this world by turning to nature and finding the solutions there.

🌲So, if you want fresh air plant trees.

If you need a natural insect repellent, a natural stress reliever or air humidifier, plant plants.

If you need to get somewhere, walk, ride your bike.

If you need to transport something use cotton bags, or a wooden wheelbarrow.

If you’re hungry eat plants, grains, legumes.

If you need perfume use rose or lavender.

You get the point.

Informative text/lecture, over 😋

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