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The pull of the ocean🌊

Scientists and engineers frequently model inventions and machines after already existing natural systems and animals.

They take all kinds of intelligence found in nature as examples and try to copy the way organisms and structures of natural ecosystems function.

In an effort to use artificial power to create swarms of robots to work together to build flood barriers,

pollinate crops and monitor coral reefs,

robotics engineers have studied the intelligence displayed by insects and fish schools in order to understand and replicate the way they engage and carry out their tasks.

In the automotive industry many cars have been modeled after fish,

like the sailfish, which is one of the fastest fish in the ocean or have been inspired by the powerful movement of a manta gliding through the ocean.

So in the space of science and innovations,

nature and specifically marine life plays a big role.

But that is not all. The ocean has always had a very special meaning to people.

It has a strong pull and is a source of fascination and inspiration.

Most prefer to vacation at places near the ocean, where the smell of salt in the air, searches for sea shells and calming oceanic sounds get even the most distracted, highly strung manager to take off their shoes and walk through the moist sand without a phone or a thought about work🦪

So what is it about the ocean? What is it that makes it so mystical and magical?

For one, the ocean is of course huge.

It covers the most space of our planet’s surface. It is an overwhelming ecosystem that is so big and diverse that experts believe that over 80 % (most likely more) remains unmapped.

Adding to that is the fact that most of us have never really explored the depths of the seas.

We may watch movies, see the grandest pictures of what goes on in the deep blue and go snorkeling on occasion.

The rest of it, the true untamed nature of the ocean, is something that we can only imagine in our minds.

Furthermore, the ocean exerts this special pull on us for a few other reasons.

It is said that when we are by the ocean, we are happier, healthier and even feel more beautiful because:

The water is rich in magnesium which relaxes the muscles when we dive into the deep blue.

The blue color of the ocean is said to have a relaxing effect on our brain, according to color psychology.

Being by the sea has been proven to reduce anxiety.

Because of all of that sunlight reflecting on the water’s surface we get an extra big dose of vitamin D.

60 % of our bodies is made up of water, so we are literally in our element when we are by the sea!

So there are a lot of logical and scientifically explainable reasons about why we feel what we feel when we are at the ocean.

Nonetheless the ocean remains a big mystery to us and has for many ages.

From Hemingway’s tale of “The old man by the sea” to David Thomson’s

The People of the Sea” and the legend of the sunken “city of Atlantis”.

People have always fantasized which creatures may live below the sea.

From mermaids, selkies, sirens, finfolk, nixies, water spirits all the way to the Monster of Loch Ness people have conjured up all sorts of creatures that may be able to explain the dark shadows that many fishermen have allegedly seen in scottish waters that looked nothing like any known sea mammal.

Or why boats have seemingly disappeared out of nowhere near the Bermuda Triangle and why sailors talk of hearing the most beautiful voices singing entrancing songs out on the wide waters.

The ocean is definitely a special place and leaves much room for imagination, discoveries, adventures and fantasies.

Thank for reading💚

See ya next blog👋🏼

Xx Stella

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