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Understanding emotions = power to control and manage emotions

In our modern society there are a lot of different mental illnesses that are a part of people’s daily lives.

There are several mental disorders that people can have:

eating disorders, anxiety disorders, depression, obsessive-compulsive disorders, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), …

Biological, chemical, environmental, physical factors can all contribute to the development or progression of these diseases.

Nowadays it is very common to see a therapist, psychologist, counselor of some sort.

You can find guides and advice from people who are professionals or just talking from personal experience in the form of books, podcasts, videos, seminars, hotlines and more.

If someone talks about their struggles with mental disorders, there is often the unspoken question of: “Who hasn’t had that?”, because it is that common.

As with problems concerning the environment, people sometimes even get bored of hearing about the topic of mental health, while others gobble up whatever information they can.

🌿So, what are some key aspects and thoughts that may help anyone to deal and feel more in control of their individual struggles?

I won’t make you guess, I’m writing some down for ya😉

💕 70-90% of people who seek proper treatment for mental health disorders witness a significant reduction in symptoms.

💕 Mental disorders are not a personal weakness and do not represent a person’s contribution to their situation.

💕Every cause is unique, so everybody has to find out what will help their personal case, no matter if the disease has the same name or not.

💕Visiting a support group or conversations about symptoms and experiences with people in a similar situation can greatly enhance a person’s own understanding and the ability to manage their illness.

💕 Not giving the experienced feelings and emotions too much power. They are not alive and are merely chemical reactions in the brain, hormone imbalances, situations that set of a trigger-effect in the brain…

💕 Learning coping mechanisms and rehearsing them even when not needed can prepare oneself for an event of actual emotional distress and relief or even eliminate to symptoms.

💕Mental illnesses are only a potential part of life, they do not have to be the essence of it or control the entirety of it.

💕Troubling thoughts or feelings can occur due to different stressors and may pass after a few weeks or months without taking any measures.

💕Help is virtually anywhere. Sometimes where it is least expected. Family members, friends, healthcare professionals, teachers, colleagues, the internet, a neighbor. Probably even the baker at your local bakery will have some friendly advice, if asked.

There are so many sources and knowledge out there.

💕Whatever it is, it is probably nothing anyone hasn’t seen before. It is a therapist’s/psychologist’s job to listen and help with whatever problem and you might be the most fun patient they have had all day.

💕There is no shame in opening up and receiving help. In that, there is only strength, a big chunk of self-love, growth, and readiness to change something that is not well.

💕If you are currently in the process of seeking help and dealing with a problem – don’t think that you are weak. You are dealing with the problem, aren’t you? That is strength.

💕And of course, don’t compare yourself. Each person’s story is as different as the stories of “Moby Dick” and “The very hungry caterpillar”😊

🌿These are just a few points about this complex topic.

If you have a mental illness or are experiencing emotional distress, then,

learn about it,

inform yourself,

listen to other people's experiences.

Knowledge is power and it will make you feel less helpless and give you the ability to make an informed, rational decision about your course of action.

🌳Now, after all of these points I will not ramble on and make a hundred more statements about what the benefits of going out into nature are😁,

but here is my advice: DO IT!

Go out into the natural world, smell some flowers, touch some trees.

Walk through a forest without any distractions or technology.

Just walk and let your thoughts go along the way.

Nature has a calming healing affect on anyone.

It will benefit you and calm your mind and nervous system.🌊🌲💚

It's natural medicine and doesn't cost a thing.

All you need is yourself, an open heart and the willingness to let nature heal you a little bit.

No negative side affects included😉

oh, . . . and smile at yourself in a mirror today, tomorrow, whenever

Stay calm,

and until the next blog👋

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