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Why won't CEO's grow a conscience?

Let’s look at big corporations and companies.

The biggest polluting ones.

Or corrupt politicians and governments.

Let’s look at their CEO’s and the other 'big guys' who are getting rich and only thinking in numbers and profits and accepting the minor side effects of tremendous

pollution, exploitation, injustice and even deaths.

In an ideal world we could just get these people who push the important buttons in these corporations and systems to say:

“Ok, this is not right, the bad things we are doing are overweighing the monetary profits we are making by so much, since we are working towards the destruction of this planet which affects EVERYBODY and it is not just us on this planet and by representing our own interests we are putting others in harms way as well.

Let’s just stop and instead turn our money and power into a force for good and help heal this planet.”

Now people might say: “What kind of a naïve scenario is this.

This is fairytale, wishful thinking. That would never happen, they can’t just do that!”


Of course this is fairy tale, wishful thinking.


Of course they won’t just stop doing what they’re doing.


It’s not that they CAN’T stop THAT and change their ways, it's that they WON'T.

Of course they could all just collectively stop doing the damage and start participating in the healing and the fixing.

But obviously they have no conscience and zero care factor for what they are doing and it is a waste, thinking that they could wake up one day and reprioritize what kind of a life they want to live and what impact they have on this world.

There is a saying that goes: "The more power, the bigger the responsibility."

– and if that’s the case, then most of them have shown as much of a sense of responsibility as a pregnant woman who goes on a drinking binge.

And at the end of their lives, what do these people look back on?

A life of being on the “bad side” of things.

Standing in a way of a better world.

Suing everyone who wants them to act on to their responsibility and face the damages that they are doing.

Destroying the 'little people' who want to make an honest living and get cast aside.

The bigger the corporation, the bigger the power, the more plentiful the money,


I’m sorry, I’m yelling again. But, I just can’t help it.

Sometimes these things just get me so mad. I’m sure you’ve also experienced this feeling.

Nod if you do (feel free to yell out some frustration)!

It just gets me sometimes.

Seeing all of this unnecessary evil that wouldn’t be there if we (us, the people who want justice, a healthy environment, health and happiness and all the other good things:)) ‘had the power’ and made the decisions in this world.

But the fact is that to get to ‘the top’ you more often than not have to elbow other people, bribe and betray people, support the 'big, bad wolves' and do many morally questionable things overall because the ‘bad people’ who don’t shy away from using these tools will get there first if you as the ‘good person’ don’t do anything.

And then doing theses things in turn makes you a ‘bad person’.

So it is obvious that people who are ‘good’ often don’t end up at the very top since being there mostly requires you to make friends with this big system that in itself is built on an exploitative, destructive, ‘bad’ basis.

You know what I’m saying.

I don’t know if you know.

But this just had to be.

I feel better know.

I have written it off my chest :))

(ps: of course this is all a little simplified/generalized, but you know what I'm getting at....)

Feel free to send me a message on my IG account @thrive_bynature and share your thoughts.

Maybe something like this (in a smaller scale) has happened to you before

(a cheating colleague who got your spot because he, well cheated


you started a petition or protest against a corrupt, polluting company or similar and they won, well because they play dirty and you don’t.

or the small farmer in your town who tried to take a big, polluting company to court because they were dumping waste water and, guess what?, . . .the polluters won.?)

Deep stuff, I know☺

Thank you for reading💚

See ya next blog👋🏼

Xx Stella

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