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Yoga, tai chi, meditation, acupuncture, healing herbs, hypnosis and the search for...whatever

Most of us try a lot of different things in our life regarding mental health, especially nowadays, with the eternal questions of: Am I doing this right? Should I be trying something else? Should I be doing more? Less? Sideways? Backwards?

Who knows?

Because in our hyper aware, super informed and overly conscious society, there is such a flood of information on how to enhance your quality of life, awaken your inner earth child or turn you into a fairytale dragon with some epsom salts and a 10 minute guided meditation in just 8-12 weeks, that it can get pretty darn confusing and overwhelming at times.

So what is the secret? What is the thing that will help you in your specific situation to make your life better?

I think, as deflating as it is - there is no answer.

No one in this world is going to be able to tell you exactly what is going to help you.

Often it is a big game of trial and error, of research, of frustration and anxiety about why none of these amazing things are helping.

Until one day you find your thing. Or your combination of things.

And then it's really rewarding.

And personal.

And fulfilling.

So my advice is: don't take all of these methods and "secrets" to well being as a recipe for your personal fix.

You have to try things out, take them as inspiration and see what works for you.

And even if something doesn't seem to work at the beginning you may have to stick with it for a while to get into the gist of it.

And at the end, don't forget to smile at yourself in the mirror, forgive yourself for whatever needs forgiving and sometimes just relax and do absolutely no soul searching - or anything else for that matter - for an entire weekend, because sometimes that is just what the doctor ordered :)

Happy soul searching everyone🙌🥰

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