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🧐Your body is saying stop and your mind is saying hop.

If you look up self-care, meditation, revitalizing yoga flows or similar,

the 'www' will come up with 130.987 answers (or something like that).

Doing those things in moments of unwellness, stress, in order to relax,

to take a break, or just for the hell of it, are all good enough reasons.

But what are all of these methods aiming to do and why are they so “hyped” in our day in age?

I would say that it is a lot about coming back to oneself, connecting our mind and body and feeling in tune with ourselves without the distractions of our busy world.

It is very easy to “loose” oneself nowadays.

Sometimes we might not even notice it.

Because there is always something

to do, to see, to read, write, like, post, comment, watch,...

🤑 👨🏼‍💻 🤳🏼 🎧 🔊 📻 📞 💻 🔎 📖

There certainly are signals that our body and head are sending that we are missing or unintentionally ignoring because there is so much ‘noise’ outside, overpowering that on the inside.

If you are thinking that this is boring, alternative, hippie stuff that is a waste of time or a waste of time,

then this is probably all the more important for you.

Connecting to your own thoughts and feelings and really listening to them is a skill that can be learned.

It doesn’t just have to do with meditative stuff.

🌱It also gives you the ability to recognize what is good/bad for you,

🌱When you need to take a break in order to come back 100%

🌱When to stop a training session so you’re not to sore or tired to go after other goals the next day.

🌱It can prevent you from getting burned out, buying, eating, reading or watching things that are “wrong” for you.

It is a way to maximize your health and well -being and to function with

a “fuller battery”.

It means taking your laptop outside, sitting in the grass and being able to concentrate better, because you felt unfocused before.

You knew instinctively that it would help you focus better and you did it.

It means taking a day off, drinking dandelion-nettle tea and having a good talk with a loved one when you feel depleted and like your about to get a cold,

instead of “powering through” and waking up with a really bad flu the next morning because you just didn’t listen to your body.

It means automatically caring about environmental destruction, animal cruelty or the abuse of a fellow human, because these things are real and affect us.

When we are in tune with ourselves and nature, we really feel how these things affect us.

This is not just some “mushy gushy stuff”.

I think that this is important to explore and hear for everyone because it is important for us as humans.

This is the end goal, truly😁:

Animals have instincts like that.

They act on them regardless what happens.

But because we are humans, we have the ability to think so far that it sometimes gets us lost.

Especially when our society that has moved away from nature and interfered with the natural course of things.

So it is very important and valuable to us to actively work at getting that innate instinct back that naturally enables us to listen to and recognize the signs that our bodies and environment are giving off.

I don’t even know if you have gotten the gist of what I wanted to say here,

if you did – good for you, I'm happy you did.

👉🏼👈🏼Here are a few things that might help you get back “in touch” or just test out if you currently are “in touch”:

If you look at a picture of animals being slaughtered in masses or an entire forest being burnt down for profit and you are thinking:

“Too bad. Not my concern. Don’t care that much.”

That might be a first clue that something is seriously wrong and that this blog definitely won’t speak to you.

But, because I am highly doubting that any of you who are currently reading this fall into that category we can move on.

1.Go for a walk without any technology.

No phone, headphones, MP3 player, discman (remember those), I pod,…you get it.

If you are feeling unsettled or in need of a distraction and feel like you don’t want to take a walk like that again – then make it your mission to repeat a walk like that over and over until it feels good doing it.

2.Sit at your window and just look outside for a few minutes.

Try not to get distracted, let your mind wander and observe your thoughts.

What are you thinking? Are there some surprises in that mind of yours?

If that feels uncomfortable or boring then do it again until it feels good.

3.Live a day without a schedule or a clock.

Do what you feel like doing. Live intuitively.

If that feels disorienting or unsettling,

you’ve found what you need to work on.

Incorporate a day like that again and again until you appreciate those days.

4.Is there something like yoga, gardening, drawing, meditation,… that you never do?

Try it. It often takes doing things like these more than once.

Give them a chance.

You’ll be surprised what you learn about yourself and how things like

feelings, thoughts, self-perception,…can change.

🌊 🌊 🌊 🌊 🌊 🌊 🌊 🌊 🌊

Only when you are functioning properly and have a sense and appreciation for your health, nature, other people,

can you help heal the cracks in this world.

That can have a huge impact.

We all posses compassion, empathy, kindness.

We are all able to care and help and stand in a forest and feel how we are connected to nature.

Sometimes we just have to dig it up and bring it back to the surface.

Heavy stuff, I know,

it is all a work in progress.

Maybe let it marinate a bit.


See ya next blog👋🏼

Xx Stella

👩🏼‍🌾 🌲 🌷 🌼 ⭐ 👨‍❤️‍👨

💚 🌱 🌍 🤸🏼‍♂️ 🦋 👨🏼‍🌾

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